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System Requirements

JobMatix works as the client-side of the SQL-Server client/server application.

Operating System Compatibility
Windows 8 check_blue
Windows 7 check_blue
Windows Vista check_blue
Windows XP (SP2) check_blue
Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4) check_blue
Windows Server 2003 check_blue
Windows Server 2008 check_blue

SQL Server

JobMatix works with Microsoft SQL Server either on the local machine or across the local network.

Microsoft SQL Server Version Compatibility
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 check_blue
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express check_blue
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 check_blue
Microsoft SQL Server 2000-SP3 check_blue

If your installation currently operates a licenced copy of Microsoft SQL-Server 2000-SP3 or later then JobMatix can connect to this service with no further action needed..

However, if no licenced SQL-Server service is currently installed, a free entry-level version is available. JobMatix is compatible with MSDE-2000 Release A as well as MS SQL Server 2005 Express, both of which can be downloaded from Microsoft and installed free of charge. MS SQL Server 2005 Express will run on Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7 and Vista..

Retail Manager

JobMatix will also need access to the local network with the appropriate network permissions to read the RetailManager recent.mdb database file.

System Printers

JobMatix prints service agreements and service delivery records on A4 sheets, and will print customer receipts on a tear-off receipt (docket) printer. These printouts are directed by default to the system default printer until they are re-directed (in JobTracking) to the user-preferred device. Job labels can also be printed if a suitable label printer is installed and set up with the appropriate driver.


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