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JobMatix Job Tracking

Reliable Job & Parts Tracking Functionality for MYOB RetailManager

JobMatix Job Tracking for Windows is a desktop application for tracking computer service jobs. JobMatix creates and tracks new builds and repair jobs for workshops that use MYOB Retail Manager for Point-of-Sale and stock management. JobMatix Job Tracking is an Aztrinity companion product to MYOB Retail Manager and its MS-Access database of customers and stock.

JobMatix uses MS-SQL Server over the local network to host the Job Tracking database of jobs and support tables. JobMatix tracks job workflow, and job stock items (parts/charges), and labour assigned to Jobs. JobMatix tracks service jobs (repairs and upgrades), as well as systems built from quotations.

JobMatix also creates and tracks RMA records (Returned Merchandise Authorizations) for stock and customer items returned to suppliers for warranty action.

JobMatix and RetailManager

JobMatix works with MYOB Retail Manager V10 or V11. The MYOB RM (MS-Access) database is used as a read-only reference base for quotations (sales orders), customer and stock details, staff names, etc. No updating is done in the MYOB database by JobMatix.

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