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Installing SQL Server

SQL Server Setup

If your installation does not currently run a licenced copy of Microsoft SQL-Server, you can download and install a free copy of SQL Server 2005 Express which has ample capacity to support JobTracking for the average small business.

Note: When installing SQL-Server, users should select (check) the option that offers to Add the current user to SQL as SQL-Admin. It is important that the Windows server administrator has SQL-Admin access to the SQL service. Otherwise, it is possible to get locked out.

1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

SQL Server Express Setup requires .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed prior to running the sqlexpr32.exe. Older Windows (c) systems may not have this installed. If .NET Framework 2.0 or better is not present on your system, you will encounter an error. If necessary, download from:

2. Installing SQL Server 2005 Express

There are two ways in which SQL Server 2005 Express Edition can be installed- either in “unattended” mode via an automated operation using some pre-set options, or interactively via the SQL Server Installer’s GUI (Graphical User Interface).

2.1 Automated Install

This avoids any confusion about which install options to navigate tc. Aztrinity has prepared a configuration file with setup options that should be generally suitable for most users. This configuration file drives the SQL Install without any input needed from the user (but must be run by an administrator).

Self-extracting (SFX) archives for 32-bit and 64-bit SQLServer2005_Express_SP2 can be downloaded from the JobMatix web site

Note: Each archive contains a self-extracting SFX stub, and three files. E.g. for 32-bit:
1) SQLEXPR32.EXE (from Microsoft),
2) Setup_SQL2005_UA.bat, and

3) SQL-Server-2005-EXpress-Setup-UA.ini

The File: Setup_SQL2005_UA.bat is executed once the SFX` Archive is unpacked… and causes the following START command to be executed. Note: The /qb switch will make it run “unattended” but will show progress.

start /wait sqlexpr32.exe LOGNAME=%cd%\

/settings %cd%\SQL-Server-2005-Express-setup-UA.ini /qb

Simply download the selected SFX-exe onto a local or network drive, and double-click on it to execute the SQL-Server setup. Some screens will be displayed as the installation proceeds, but no further user input should be necessary.

2.2 Interactive Install

This is standard Microsoft interactive install/configuration process. It easy to follow, with setup screens for the sequence of options. This install is well documented in: How to: Install SQL Server Express

Download SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 (SQLEXPR32.EXE)

Download from Microsoft. You should end up with a copy of the self-extracting executable SQLEXPR32.EXE somewhere on a drive near you.. Installation is user-fiendly and straight-forward, but must be run by an administrator.

Double-click on SQLEXPR32.EXE to begin the installation.

Most of the default configuration settings are suitable for JobTracking. There are several settings that should be given attention, see the configuration points below.

Useful Setup Configuration Points

(a) On the “Registration Information” Page, you should CLEAR the Checkbox that says “Hide Advanced Configuration options” because we want to see all options during the install process..
(b) On the “Features Selection” page, select All Features.. (Leave the Installation Path as the default path supplied..)
(c) On the “Instance Name” page, select “Default Instance”.

(d) On the Service Account page, select “Use a built-in System Account” (eg. Network Service) unless you have other requirements..

(e) On the Authentication Mode page: Important- Select “Windows Authentication”.
(Select Mixed-Mode only if you have requirement to run legacy
SQL applications that need SQL Server Authentication..)

Also- NB: Select (check) the option that offers to Add current user to SQL as SQL-Admin..

(f) On the Collations Settings page, select “SQL Collations”, and “Dictionary order, case insensitive” on the list box.
Click NEXT through the remainder of the install.. It should run to completion.

Important – When installed inter-actively, SQL Server 2005 Express will have installed by default in Local mode only; ie. all network protocols will have been disabled for the SQL service, since this setting
is not offered as a selection during the install dialogue.. Thus the server will not be listening for requests
from clients on the local network. To enable network requests and protocols, use the SQL Server Surface Area Configuration tool (it will have been installed along with the database engine).

To get to the Server Surface Area Configuration tool, go to:

  1. Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Surface Area Configuration
  2. Under “Configure Surface Area for LocalHost” select “Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections”
  3. Then under MSSQLSERVER/Database Engine CLICK on “Remote Connections” Then SELECT option buttton for “Remote Connections” and “Using TCP/IP and Named Pipes”.
  4. Click APPLY, then OK.
  5. Close the Surface Area Configuration window.

The MSSQLSERVER service should now be running.

— Updated: 04-November-2012 4:53pm. JobMatix Team

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