Using JobMatix

Staff Sign-on

After the initial startup,  and database connections, the staff sign-on prompt is given the focus.   A staff sign-on must be completed using the Retail Manager staff barcode.  This is not the Windows user-name, but the staff barcode no. as known in Retail Manager.  When sign-on  is completed, the JobMatix main screen should be displayed in full. This screen provides the starting point for all JobTracking functions.

JobMatix Main Screen.
All JobMatix functions are initiated from here..  The left of main screen has four tabs to select from the Active Jobs Tree, a Jobs Grid to search all jobs, a Customer Grid and the Quotes panel..














The main screen RHS has the main command buttons for starting new jobs (and also the Launch button for the RA’s sub-application) and the main job details panel for the currently selected jobs (eg. selected from the Jobs Tree).


Job Workflow:

A Job record represents an item or system to be serviced or built;  it records the nature of the item, and the work requested, and  tracks the Job through its phases of Service Update, Job Completion and  Delivery..   A JobMatix Service  Job record can be started with the Book Job  or Accept Job command buttons, and the  successful completion of the Service Agreement  form.  This creates the job record and puts the job in  the input queue.  Note that a Booked Job will show as  “Wait-Listed”, and must go through the Check In process before  it is actually available for service..

The  JobMatix Quotation Job cycle starts with the creation of one or more job  record(s) via the Build  Quote command button and the completion of the Build  Quote Jobs screen which references the MYOB Quotation.  This  process involves the selection of a Retail Manager Quotation from the  list-view, and will create as many job records as there  are systems to be built from the Quotation.  This phase  is complete when all the items (parts/charges) from the  quotation have been notionally assigned to new job records..  Each  Quote Job carries with it the list of quoted parts/items needed for reference  while the system is being built.

Once a job record has been created, it will be listed in the Queued “folder”  of the Jobs explorer treeview, (and can be found in the browser  grid);  from this point, the job can be selected for:

Check-in for wait-listed jobs;

Amending Service Agreement details as needed..

Starting, Updating the Job:  parts, charges and  service notes can be applied to the Job Record..  Job can be transferred to  QA status for quality control.  When the Job is marked as Completed,  the service/delivery record is printed, and the Job marked ready for  Delivery.

RA Workflow:
An RA record represents a  customer item or stock item being returned to the supplier for warranty  action.  It records the item’s stock identity and original  supplier invoice information (obtained from Goods Received data from  the RetailManager database).   Every RA item goes through a well-defined  process reflecting the stages of supplier RMA approval, item dispatch and eventual replacement (if any).

The JobMatix RA record tracks the progress of the RA item  request to the supplier through the various stages. At any time it will show the request’s current status,  as well as prompting for the next action from the user if any is due..

JobTracking Reports can be accessed via the main menu  bar.  The reports are mostly self-explanatory.

Staff Time/Jobs Report.  This report shows/summarises all hours/ work sessions logged by staff members for the selected job status or period.

Stock/Jobs Report.  This report list all stock items assigned to  the selected set of Jobs.  eg. showing all stock in current jobs (not  delivered) assists in the completion of an accurate stock-take.

To be continued.

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