Maintaining JobMatix

RetailManager Reference Database

The RetailManager database is maintained only via the MYOB Retail Manager  application system.  This includes Backup and Restore which must be done  through RetailManager in  the usual way.. JobMatix does not write to, nor does it backup, this database.

JobMatix Reference Tables

All JobTracking reference tables are accessible to the user for updating and modification.
(Main  Menu-> Reference->Edit Ref.Tables).

JobMatix Settings:  To get to the
Settings screen:  Main menu->Admin->Setup->JobMatix Settings.


JobMatix Database- Backup and Restore:

These functions are built on top of the basic SQL-Server  Backup/Restore  functionality. 
The JobTracking database is hosted  by the the SQL-Server service, and the database files should not be accessed directly by the user in  the normal course of events.

It is essential that SQL Server users (in fact everyone) have an  appropriate disaster recovery plan for critical systems to ensure that  important data can be recovered in the event of the loss of a server..  SQL  Server databases are not normally recovered by simply  reloading Windows data file backups..    When a server is  re-built, SQL Server must be re-installed,and all databases RESTORED from their  backup files using the SQL Server RESTORE function.    The  Microsoft MSDN website is a good source of Backup/Restore information:

Introduction to Backup and Restore Strategies in SQL  Server:

Access to Backup and Restore SQL functionality is built into JobMatix,  and is simple to access and execute.

Backup calls
the SQL-Server “BACKUP DATABASE databasename TO DISK … ” command  to produce a full backup  of the JobTracking database onto a backup file (—JobTracking–.bak) representing  the complete database at that moment in time.  The backup command is  available in JobMatix whether it is running on the server or on a  client system.

Restore calls the SQL Server “RESTORE  DATABASE databasename FROM DISK … ” command which will restore or  re-create the database on the server.  Restore can only be executed from  JobMatix running on the server machine..


Notes on JobMatix Settings:

1.   A sample text is provided for the  Terms and Conditions printed at the bottom of the New  Service Agreement form. It will be installed automatically in the Jobmatix SystemInfo table (item is  TermsAndConditions) when the program is first run.  This text can be  edited by the user as required, by going the  Setting screen.  However, the overall size of the text should not be increased, due to  the space restrictions on the printout.

2. As part of the job completion  process, JobMatix  will print out the service record form  ready for Job delivery.  Additionally, if an appropriate barcode font is  installed, the program will print out all the barcodes for the  product codes and serial numbers for all stock items chargeable  to the Job.   This is to enable them to be easily scanned into the RetailManager  sale transaction when the job is being invoiced out.  The Barcode font must  be provided by and installed by the business user on  each user machine if needed..  The name of the font has to be entered  into the JobTracking database through the JobMatix Settings screen..



The  default FontSize is 9pt.  This can be changed by changing the value  of the size setting  (in points).









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