Latest JobMatix Release- v3.0.3083.717

This is the latest release of the JobMatix Job Tracking application.  Note that version v3.0.3083.405 has been replaced by v3.0.3083.717 to provide some minor fixes and updates.

JobMatix provides reliable job-tracking and RMA-tracking functionality for computer service shops as a support product to MYOB Retail Manager. For all customer, stock, sales quotes etc information, JobMatix refers to the Retail Manager Jet database. Jobmatix never does any updating to the Retail Manager database.

For notes on the new features and updates in build 3083-
See Build 3083 Release Notes.


Download JobMatix V3.0.3083.717 Install Package

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Job Reports v2.1.217:

Click on the Installer link below, to download the latest Job Reports package (to go with V3 of Jobmatix).
To install the JobReports program, unzip the archive onto a local drive, and double-click on Setup.exe..

Download JobMatix Reports Install Package

NB: If JobMatix can not find the reports program after it has been installed, copy the JobReports.exe program from the [Program Files]\JobReports folder into the [Program Files]\JobMatix3 folder.


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