JobMatix Build 3083 Release Notes

JobMatix  provides reliable job-tracking functionality and RMA-tracking functionality as a support product to MYOB Retail Manager.  For all customer, stock, sales quotes etc information, JobMatix refers to the Retail Manager Jet database. Jobmatix never makes any changes to the   Retail Manager  database.

New in JobMatix 3083

Staff SignOn is now done via a popup (modal) form. The SQL database and user info can now be viewed via items on the Database main menu.. The RetailManager database file path is now viewed and changed via the File/RetailManager main menu item.

Date Promised

This is a new optional field that is now available on the New Job  (Service Agreement) form.  On the Active Jobs Tree, Jobs that carry a Date Promised will show the Job line in orange if the job is due, and in red if overdue. The Job Details Panel (Main screen RHS) will also show the Date Promised if relevant, as well as a Due/Overdue indication.

On-Site Jobs (Customer site calls)

On-Site jobs are usually scheduled in advance, and need to be tracked on a calendar basis, rather than on a FIFO basis as with workshop jobs. In JobMatix, on-site jobs follow the same work cycle as in-house jobs, and can have labour, service and stock items attached as needed. This means that on-site jobs and their charges can be accounted for in the same way as other jobs.

On-site jobs can now be created via the New On-Site Job button, and the completion of the New Job (Service Agreement) form. They can be tracked normally via the Active Jobs Tree, and can also can be tracked separately on the new On-site Jobs Schedule Tab on the main screen. “Date promised” and “Time Promised” must be entered for On-site jobs..

Jobs  Explorer: The Active JobsTree shows all current jobs arranged in groups based on Job Status (workflow stages).  JobMatix can now display a context menu for for individual jobs in the Tree.

You can now right-click on any job to see the menu of available actions and select the action needed (eg Amend, Update).  The availability of various actions depends on Job Status, and corresponds to the action menu in the Job Detail panel on the RHS of the screen.

Jobs Explorer- Customer Notifications: If there are completed jobs still to be notified to the customers, then a reminder panel is displayed above the Jobs Tree. This can be dismissed to hide it, and the feature can be turned off via the File/Preferences menu from the main menu bar.

Jobs  Explorer- Customer Name: Customer Name and Company Name are both shown with the Job No as part of the job node in the Job Tree. An option has been added for the user to select whether the Company name should precede the customer name, or vice versa.

Browsing Customers: To make it easier to find the last customer added in Retail Manager, the “date_modified” column from the customer record has been included in the Customer Browse Grid. When sorted latest down to earliest, the last customer added or updated should be at the top..


Jobs and Customers

Creating new Jobs:

A Customer has to be selected before clicking on “New Job”. To select a customer, click on the “”Customers”” Tab on the main screen, and browse the retail customer list. If the customer is not found, then switch over to Retail Manager itself to create the new customer; then browse again in JobMatix to select the customer for the job.


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