Job Tracking

Creating, updating and delivering Jobs

Service Jobs and New Systems. A Jobmatix job can be a system checked-in for repair, service, or upgrade (Service Jobs), or a new system being built as part of one or more systems resulting from a quotation prepared in Retail Manager.
Job Check-in with printed Service Agreement Service Jobs are checked-in and the job record created using the New Service Agreement form.  This provides for the entry of relevant information from the customer (ie type and brand of equipment, problem description, etc.).  Customer details are retrieved from the Retail Manager customer table.   A Service Agreement form and customer Job Ticket are printed for the new job. A job can be assigned one of three priority levels..
Jobs can book-in ahead. Service Jobs can be booked in ahead of presentation so that they can get into the service queue (“wait-listed”) prior to physical presentation..
Building New Systems from Quotation Quotations for new systems (including parts lists) can be turned into jobs when they are ready to be built.  The quote is prepared as usual in RetailManager.  JobMatix will create new job records from the RM quote so that the new build(s) can be updated and tracked in the same way as service jobs.  The Job record will carry the list of parts/items needed to fulfil the building of the individual system for reference during the workshop process. When the quote indicates multiple systems, JobMatix will attempt to assign/distribute parts and create multiple jobs records where possible.
Job Life Cycle Every job goes through a workflow cycle. From being Queued, then Created, the job goes through to Started, Quality Assurance, Completion and Delivery.
Finding Jobs The Main Jobs Tree shows all active jobs in a familiar Windows explorer style.   Job are arranged in order of Job Status, or where they are in the cycle.. The Search Browser panel is used to find any job quickly (data grid can sort on any column on demand). Text searching on all text columns enables fast access to any job record in the system.
Updating Jobs Staff update the job record as work is done, and stock items and labour are assigned to the job.  JobMatix can record scanned items, or look up items in the Retail Manager stock table as required, and record them against the job.  Serial Numbers can be scanned in and recorded against the job, after checking against the Retail Manager SerialAudit Table. User-defined Task Checklists can be applied to Service-type items, and these can help to track detailed job progress.  Labour time can be recorded for each work session completed.Jobs can be assigned to the QA (Quality Assurance) status as required before being marked as completed and ready for delivery..
Delivery and Billing Completed jobs produce a printed Service Record ready for Delivery, and a customer receipt showing job details..   This includes all information need to produce a Retail Manager Sale transaction to sell the Job out at the counter.   NB:  All actual MYOB Stock Table updates are done by Retail Manager as part of the job sale transaction.
JobMatix also prints out the item barcodes (product codes and serial-nos) for all chargeable items assigned to the job so that they can be easily scanned into the Retail Manager sales invoice when the job is being sold.
Customer History Customer History lookup can show on one screen all jobs and Retail Manager sales for a selected customer.

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