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JobMatix Version 3.0.3083.717

For notes on the new features and updates in build 3083-
See Build 3083 Release Notes.

Download JobMatix V3.0.3083.717 Install Package

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JobMatix Version 3.0.3077.611

JobMatix3 supercedes, and is fully compatible with, JobMatix2; the JobMatix database structure has not been changed. The SFX package installs the runtime components folder related to JobMatix3 v3.0.3073.311. JobMatix3 is built on, and requires .Net Framework 2.0, or later, and SQL Server 2000 SP3 or later. The SFX package installs the JobMatix3 folder with supporting dll’s into the appropriate program files directory..

Since version 3.0.3073.311 JobMatix supports three-user, two-user and single-user Licences.  So there is now support for all types of user licence- unlimited (max 31) or restricted. See the licensing page for details

JobMatix Version: v3.0.3077.611 (Build date: 11-Jun-2013)

This updated version of JobMatix V3 Build 3077.611 supersedes v3.0.3073.311.. 

It is still based on the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, and includes the following changes:
1. Fix to “Grant ViewServerState Permission” to add retry ..

2. Fix to AddNewUser to re-issue SQL “USE” at end to restore JM as current DB.. (was dropping connection).

3. Fix to Main-Startup to upgrade all users VWSS perms if needed (incl sysadmin users). .
Also- dropped attempts to remove orphaned users..

4. Fix to RM-Serial-Search/List (frmFindPart) to add Cancel button and SPEED-UP..

5. Fix to NewJob form-
Moved ReturnJob and cboPriority to end of second Tab (to improve intuitive flow)..

6. Update to DB Backup.. If running on Server.. Will now create the .bak file on local backup directory first, if it is defined in the setup, and exists. Then will copy to user-selected target..

7. Update to JobUpdate/NewPart and RAs/NewRA.. to ALLOW leading zeroes on PRODUCT BARCODE..–

8. For New Part form, a checkbox has been added to give the option of keeping or stripping the scanned leading zeroes on the Retail product barcode..

Download JobMatix V3.0.3077.611 Install Package

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JobMatix Version: v3.0.3073.311 (Build date: 11-Mar-2013)

This version of JobMatix was created to allow for two-user and single-user Licences. This version can be used for all types of user licence- unlimited (max 31) or restricted. See the licensing page for details. The restriced licences are available at a lower entry cost, and restricts the number of contemporaneous users at any one time logged in to the JobMatix database..  Still based on the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.

Updates made since v3.0.3071.0

1) Expanded User Licence system- This version allows for Two-user and Single-user licences in addition to the Three-user licence released previously..

JobMatix users can now choose the licence appropriate to their circumstances.. The new version will continue to show a count of current JobMatix DB sessions, with a mouse-over display listing all current JobMatix users. This new version will continue to support the normal (full) JobMatix licence, which currently allows a maximum of thirty-one (31) users logged in to JobMatix at any one time.

2) Re-vamped New Job form (screen)..  The New-Job/Amend-Job form has had a make-over to make data entry clearer and smoother-

(a) In the entry of the GoodsInCare information, items can now be directly entered into a DataGridView control, with inbuilt dropdowns for GoodsTypes and Brands..

(b) “Extras In Care” check-boxes can now be modified when amending the Job Service Agreement..

(c) Only two panels (tabs) needed now for data entry.. now with “Next”/”Back” buttons.

3) Re-Connection to SQL Server:  In the event of the loss of session with SQL Server, the Jobmatix client will attempt a new login/connection..

4) Various Fixes-  eg. Fixed to stop JobsTree Refresh routine being re-entered when the Refresh button is clicked repeatedly.. This was causing excessive queueing of SQL requests. (Same problem also fixed for “My Jobs” Checkbox and Jobs Order dropdown..)

Also, on the New Job form, the “Symptoms” reference list is now updated after the reference table has been changed.

5) Fixes to GoodsInCare form to fix updating problem in 3073.21. Also fixed problem with Cancelling out of GoodsInCare form resulting in loss of all goods entered..

6) Updates to JobMatix DB RESTORE function. (Fixes error in not retrieving list of currently connected users.. Also, if RESTORE completed ok, now adds current Windows user to SQL Server logins, and as JobMatix DB Owner.. Also logs RESTORE info to JobMatix runtime log..)

Download JobMatix V3.0.3073.311 Install Package

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JobMatix Version: v3.0.3071.0 (Build date: 17-Oct-2012)

This build of JobMatix V3 was created to allow for a three-user JobMatix Licence.. Otherwise the functionality is the same as build 3067.   This version can be used for both types of  user licence-  unlimited (max 31 users) or three-user.

The Three-user licence is available at a lower entry cost, and restricts the number of contemporaneous users to three at any one time logged in to the JobMatix database..

Download JobMatix V3.0.3071.0 Install Package

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JobMatix Version: v3.0.3067.0 (Build date: 27-July-2012)

To install: Download and double-click on the executable:JobMatix3-SFX-INSTALL_v3.0.3067.0_27Jul2012-1827.exe
There is no need to register any component, the supporting dll’s stay in the application folder.
UAC Note: The setup program requests the highest privilege according to the status of the user running the program. However, in some cases in may be necessary to use “Run As administrator..” to execute the install package.

Once the package is installed, the JobMatix program will be started, so that new users can create/setup the JobMatix database.
See the Quickstart Guide (under Support) for info on setting up JobMatix.

NB: NO report program is included in this package.. Shops upgrading from Version 2 of JobMatix will need to copy their JobReports.exe program into the JobMatix3 folder. New users who start off straight into JobMatix3 will need to run the INSTALL package for the (still VB6) JobReports.exe program. This also applies to existing users who may have re-built their server and do not want to re-install JobMatix V2. This reports package is available via the JobReports link below on this page.

Download JobMatix V3.0.3067.0 Install Package

NB: This version replaces Build 3061.1 and Build 3063.0.. Build 3063.0 fixed a problem with certain Licence Key values that cause an out-of-bounds index runtime error at start-up..

Build 3067.0 has the following updates:
(i) Help (F1) Links have been added to all main forms.. this is to prepare for F1 Help when the .CHM help file is completed and delivered.
(ii) On the New Job form, the entering of the Problem Symptoms has been simplified. The Listbox of symptoms will always be visible, and does not need to be closed.
(iii) Editing of Reference tables (ListEdit form) has been tidied up.
(iv) A new user preference has been added to enable auto switching to Full Screen mode after Startup. (Note that with .Net Framework 2.0 there is a bug which causes unpredictable results if the JobMatix shortcut is set to start in Full Screen. Microsoft Corp. will not be fixing this.)
(v) The Quickbooks POS option has been disabled.. As the QuickPos version is still in test, this release supports only MYOB RetailManager as a retail host system.
(vi) Some fixes have been made to the Build Quote Jobs functions.

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Job Reports v2.1.217:

Click on the Installer link below, to download the latest Job Reports package (to go with V3 of Jobmatix).
To install the JobReports program, unzip the archive onto a local drive, and double-click on Setup.exe..

Download JobMatix Reports Install Package

NB: If JobMatix can not find the reports program after it has been installed, copy the JobReports.exe program from the [Program Files]\JobReports folder into the [Program Files]\JobMatix3 folder.


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Original VB6 Version: v2.2.2921 (Built 21-Aug-2011)

(See above for new .Net versions V3.0.)

NB: This version is being phased out, and is replaced by Jobmatix Version-3 based on the .Net Framework 2.0. See V3 above on this page to download the latest version.

Click on the link here to download the Version-2 install package.

Download V2 Install Package

The Archive:
JobMatix2-SFX-INSTALL_v2.2.2921_21Aug2011-1857.exe contains a self-extracting stub, and three files: 1); 2) Setup.exe; and 3) SETUP.LST.. The File: Setup.exe will be executed automatically once the SFX Archive is unpacked.. And will cause the JobMatix2 Install package to be executed.

So, to install JobMatix2, download the .EXE package onto a local drive, and double-click on it to start the installation.

NB: Some runtime components on your system may be newer than those in the install package.. You should keep any components (ie dll’s) on your system that are more recent versions. Also, you should ignore a component registration error for MSADOX. The install should then succeed.

See the Quickstart Guide (under Support) for info on setting up JobMatix.

NOTE: JobReports has been updated (09-Aug-2012) to include a Daily Timesheet report. If you want the latest Reports program, you will need to download the new Reports EXE v2.1.217.. This file should be downloaded and moved into the JobMatix2 folder.

Download JobReports Program.


– JobMatix Team, 13-June-2013, 3:45pm.

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