Latest JobMatix Release

Latest Version-  JobMatix34 (v3.4.3401.0424)

New Version-  JobMatix34 (v3.4.3401.0417)

This is now the latest version  (24 April 2017) of the JobMatix application.

This release is mainly to further expand POS functionality.. specifically to allow up to two Sale Transactions to be put on Hold… This necessitated some re-design of the main JobMatix forms..  Also there has been some updating done to the DB backup function to overcome some problems in backing up when JobMatix is run under Terminal Services (aka Remote Desktop Services)..

This build also includes functionality introduced in Build 3357, which was not actually published here.  These changes are detailed in the v34 cumulative release document.

See the cumulative JobMatix34 Release Notes

And click the  link below to download JobMatix34:

Download JobMatix34 Build 3401 Install Package

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Previous Build-  JobMatix33 (v3.3.3327.0121)

Previous version  (21 January 2017) of the JobMatix Job Tracking..

The main reason for this release was to add new Main Form controls to support the updated version (dll build 3303) of JobMatixPOS functionality.  The POS dll is included in this release package for users who want to check out the POS Retail system on a trial basis.

Also in this release:  A Job can now be transferred to a different customer. This facility is available only via the Active Jobs Tree (via the right-click job Action Context menu).

Also, a fix has been made to the ON-SITE SMS function that was causing multiple SMS’s to be sent to staff for certain jobs.  And the RA Items “Symptoms” column has been expanded to 511 chars//

Users should have a good read of the release notes before installing. For a full list and explanation of changes, see the cumulative release notes.

See the cumulative JobMatix33 Release Notes

Click the  link below to download JobMatix33:

Download JobMatix33 Build 3327.121 Install Package

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Previous Build-  JobMatix33 (v3.3.3311.831)

This was the previous version  (31 August 2016) of the JobMatix Job Tracking application.  In this release, the RA’s sub-system had a significant makeover to make the RA’s and suppliers info more accessible, and to reduce discontinuities in the user interface. Other important new features include the expansion of the types of images and documents that can be stored against any job, and the support of three additional SMS Gateways that can fill the gap left by the (soon to happen) closure of the smsBoss gateway..   Also, JobMatix can now send timely SMS reminders to staff for on-site jobs, if required.

As there is quite a bit of change in this release, users should have a good read of the release notes before installing. For a full list and explanation of changes, see the release notes.

See JobMatix33 Release Notes

Click the  link below to download JobMatix33:

Download JobMatix33 Build 3311.831 Install Package

Now Deprecated:
JobMatix33 (Deprecated) Build 3311.819 Install Package

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Previous previous Version-  JobMatix32 (v3.2.3203.229)

This is a the previous(deprecated) version  (29 Feb 2016) of the JobMatix Job Tracking application.  Some important new features were the ability to store images and PDF files against any Job.   Also  Printer Selection Dropdowns had been added for printing all documents from the New-Job Form, and the Job Service Update Form.

And since Job Alerts seem to have become too intrusive,  the yellow Alert triangle (icon) was dropped, allowing the proper job status icon to be seen.  A Job with a current Alert is now shown with dark blue font colour..   For a full list and explanation of changes, see the release notes.

See JobMatix32 Release Notes

Download JobMatix32

Download JobMatix32 Build 3203.229 Install Package


Previously-  JobMatix Build v3.1.3107.1213

This was released as an updated version of Build 3107 (13 Dec 2015) of the JobMatix Job Tracking application.  This updated program has fixes for sites that are running JobMatix under MS Terminal Services (or RDS).  In the initial Build 3107.1017, all JobMatix local settings files, runtime log files and schema text files were relocated to the Windows “system” data directory (folder):  c:\ProgramData\JobMatix31   (away from the app. runtime directory).   This caused some confusion with RDS sites, as users found they had to share printer settings. To fix this for RDS, the settings and log files are now located one level down in a subdirectory specific  to the individual user.

Minor fixes have also been made to the SMS Customer Name injection feature, and also to the JobMatix SignOn process to warn of a blank MYOB RM staff docket-name.

Download Updated Version

Download JobMatix V3.1.3107.1213 Install Package


Previous (Initial) Release of Jobmatix 3.1.3107

This was the first release (October 2015) of Version 3.1 (Build 3107) of the JobMatix Job Tracking application.  This release introduces some new features, some performance improvements, and fixes some bugs.

JobMatix provides reliable job-tracking and RMA-tracking functionality for computer service shops as a support product to MYOB Retail Manager. For all customer, stock, sales quotes etc information, JobMatix refers to the Retail Manager Jet database. Jobmatix never writes to or modifies the Retail Manager database.

For notes on the new features and updates in build 3107-
See Build 3107 Release Notes.


Download JobMatix V3.1.3107.1017 Install Package

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Job Reports v2.1.217:

Click on the Installer link below, to download the latest Job Reports package (to go with V3 of Jobmatix).
To install the JobReports program, unzip the archive onto a local drive, and double-click on Setup.exe..

Download JobMatix Reports Install Package

NB: If JobMatix can not find the reports program after it has been installed, copy the JobReports.exe program from the [Program Files]\JobReports folder into the [Program Files]\JobMatix3 folder.

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Updated 20-April-2017..

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