Installing JobMatix

JobMatix3 Install Package.

The JobMatix application program must be installed on all network clients that need access to JobMatix functions.

The program is available as a self-extracting (SFX) install package and can be  downloaded from the Downloads page on this site.
The package will install the JobMatix executables, as well  as four support dll’s. See the download instructions for more info.

To install JobMatix, download the .EXE package onto a  local drive, and double-click on it to start the installation.

JobMatix will be installed in [Program Files] (32-bit system) or in [Program Files (x86)] on a 64-bit system.

The JobMatix application must be installed on each client computer that  will need access to the JobTracking functions.  It  must also be installed on the machine that will be running  the MSSQL-Server service, since the DB-Create and Restore functions are best executed  locally on the SQL-Server machine.

MYOB Retail Manager:

Each  JobMatix client user must have network  access rights to view/read the relevant MYOB RetailManager  database (“recent.mdb” MS-Access data file).  A separate MYOB licence is  not required for JobTracking to access the RetailManager database,  since JobMatix can  read it directly using the Microsoft ADO (ActiveX Data Access) client  layer and the Microsoft Jet 4.0 driver.

Note that JobMatix  does not write to the RetailManager database or modify it any way.  The Retail Manager database provides the basic business tables (Categories,  Customer, SalesOrders, Staff, Stock, SerialAudit, Suppliers etc) which  are referenced by the JobTracking functions.

Note:  A business logo can be provided by the user if  available.  If provided, it will be printed on the Service Agreement  and Delivery forms, and on the customer tear-off receipts in place of the  JobMatix logo.  The logo image file  is to be installed by the user if needed,  and should be around 120×90 pixels.

The file must be  named like “userlogo*.gif”  (or .bmp, or .jpg) eg:
userlogo_MainStPCs.gif, and must be placed in the JobTracking install  directory  (ie “c:\JobMatix32\”  or “c:\Program Files\JobMatix3\”).

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